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There was this portal and some crazy lights

Newsflash CJ: You're a long, long way from home

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"Newsflash, CJ, you're a long way from home." -Shattered Glass Sideswipe

RP journal for Classics!Cliffjumper, who currently isn't on the world, in the galaxy or even in the universe he was created in. He hasn't even managed to stay in the same 'polarity' multiverse, but rather crossed over from the "normal" positive polarity multiverse (where he belongs to a splinter timeline of the original Marvel G1 US comics), into the negative polarity multiverse.

That is, his enemies are now his allies, and his former allies are now his enemies and Optimus Prime is a raving, megalomaniac, conflict-furthers-society tyrant. Cliffjumper will be doing his best to blow the spark ember out of said purple mockery, and even stayed in the "Shattered Glass" universe to do so, despite being given the possibility of (eventually/hopefully) going home.

"Embers? Tachyon particles? This is all real fascinating but what does it mean to me?" - Cliffjumper
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